Chinatown The Hague has a turbulent history

In the past, this neighborhood was home to the Jewish quarter in The Hague, which became run down and emptied after the Second World War. In the seventies of the 20th century, the municipality decided to renovate the neighborhood. Then more and more Chinese settled there, which later gave it the name Chinatown. The area is now flourishing and sought after by (hard-working) entrepreneurs. Retail / business space has become scarce.

Increase in visitors

The increased business activity and diversity exerts attraction not only to entrepreneurs, but also to visitors. Many people from the region and the city know how to find their way to the good restaurants. Chinatown The Hague also attracts many, mainly Asian, visitors from the rest of the country. They combine their visit to restaurants with groceries and targeted shopping. In addition, day visitors come to events. Foreign visitors are also finding it easier to find their way to Chinatown The Hague.