Chinatown The Hague has a turbulent history

The Chinatown area used to be part of the Jewish district of the city of The Hague. The Second World War had left it run-down and deserted. In the 1970s, the Council decided to redevelop the area. It became home to an increasing number of Chinese settlers, hence the nickname “Chinatown”. It is now a cosy, vibrant, multicultural neighbourhood with hard-working business owners and residents, brimming with the energy of Asian food shops, cafes and bars, restaurants, supermarkets and speciality shops.

Growing numbers of visitors

The increased business activities and diversity in shops and restaurants attract not only more companies but also visitors. A great many people from The Hague and its regions find their way to the high-quality restaurants, Asian food shops and speciality shops. Chinatown The Hague also draws many an Asian visitor from other parts of the country. They usually combine their restaurant visits and grocery shopping. Others come to join in specific festivals like the Chinese New Year Celebration. Chinatown The Hague also welcomes an increasing number of tourists from abroad.

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