The end of the summer holidays

September’s coming to us! In only half a week, we’ll be seeing fall everywhere. Rainy weather, windy, and a lot of time spent inside. Going out and enjoying time on terraces, unfortunately, that’s gone.

Though that doesn’t mean it’ll be a boring time! For many students, the new year is starting. Quite some work to do! For store-owners it’ll be a time of reconsideration, so to say. How will the store continue? How can you improve your business? How can you adjust your business to the new normal, the new 1.5-meter society?


Still keeping distance

For many, keeping the physical distance is difficult. Especially when it concerns friends and family, people who are very close to you. It’s so natural to hug people who are close to you when hard times hit. Or, for example, when introducing oneself to another, shaking hands. It is not allowed yet, as we heard from prime minister Rutte. Even inside, in the privacy of your own home, it’s important to keep the distance and treat your health, and the health of the people around you, carefully. Especially those who face serious risks of COVID-19.



A lot about going to school we just don’t know yet. What will be the effects of children and teenagers returning to the classrooms? And, how about university lectures? With many, many people? A lot will be online, that’s for sure.


The restaurant business

How will the restaurants deal with fall coming? Bad weather means customers sitting inside. Seats inside are usually quite limited, so they will have to be divided even better amongst people. There’s a solution… Closed off terraces with heaters. However, for restaurants without a terrace, this also won’t be a solution. Tough times are coming.



We’ll have to wait and see. COVID-19 won’t leave us soon, that’s for sure! However, it depends on how we adjust to these times, how we adjust to the new ‘normal’. Hopefully, everyone’s managed to regain some energy during the summer months!

Regarding Chinatown, the board of BIZ Chinatown The Hague is getting busy preparing for fall. We’re busy preparing a campaign for September and onwards. More information will follow, via this website and social media. There’ll be an event agenda too, so keep an eye out for that. We’re working on a new newsletter and of course, as always, we’re constantly updating Instagram and Facebook. So… Keep looking for foto’s interesting info, and promotions!

Take care of yourself, others, and stay healthy!