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China Times

China Times, launched in 2003, is now considered as the most renowned, professional and influential Chinese newspaper in the Netherlands and Europe. China Times is a biweekly newspaper which contains 56 pages with full colors. In total, we have a circulation of 50,000 copies around Europe. China Times is approved and supported by the Chinese Embassy in the Netherlands. As an independent media organization, China Times runs with the purpose of better serving the Chinese community in the Netherlands and Europe. We care for the people’s live and society. We have been working to build a bridge between China and the Netherlands in order to make Chinese people and Dutch people know more about the culture of each other.

“Wherever there are Chinese people, there is China Times and wherever there is China Times, there is cultural exchange between the two countries.” We will keep working on this target. Since October 2011, China Times launched our daily news website and Wechat deliver more latest news and information about the Netherlands, China and the world. The website will be a supplement to the newspaper and we will construct a base for the Chinese community


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