C-pop: what’s hot in 2020?

Chinese music, also known as C-pop, isn’t very famous in the Netherlands (or Europe, for that matter). When listening to the radio or watching television, we don’t hear that much about contemporary Chinese culture, not even mentioning modern Chinese pop music. We went to Shazam.com and found a bunch of songs sung in Chinese that are hot in China and Taiwan as of now.


Genres of C-Pop

There are three sub-genres when we are talking about C-pop. The division here isn’t made because of any specific difference in music style. Instead, the division is made through the language used to sing the song. As you are probably familiar, China houses hundreds of different languages, not many of which are mutually intelligible.


C-pop then is made in Mandarin, Cantonese, and Minnan. Mandarin is spoken not only in China but also in Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia. Cantonese is most famous for being the language of Hong Kong, though it’s also widely spoken in South-China’s Guangdong province, Macau and Malaysia. Lastly, Minnan, a language of Taiwan that’s also spoken in Malaysia and Fujian provide in China.


These three languages are not mutually intelligible. So, if a Cantonese speaker listens to a Mandarin C-pop song they won’t be able to understand it. Though, they can read along with the lyrics just fine.


Famous artists

Whoever is famous differs from time to time, though, when we checked out Shazam.com we found these songs that people in China and Taiwan often listen to. We’ve also included links to a YouTube video of the song, so you can check it out if you wish!



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世界那么大还是遇见你(程响)-- The world is so huge, yet I met you (by Cheng Xiang)

想见你想见你想见你(八三夭)-- I want to see you I want to see you I want to see you (by Ba San Yao)

苏幕遮(张晓棠) -- Su Mu Zhe (by Zhang Xiaotang)


This song is named after a Chinese poem written by Fan Zhongyan in the Tang dynasty around the year 1000. Though, the song doesn’t match the poem’s words at all!



愛上現在的我 – Love the one I am now


囂張 -- Arrogant


勇气(棉子)- Courage (by Mianzi)


芒种(音阙诗听 & 赵方婧)- Mang Zhong (by Yinque Shiting and Zhao Fangjing)