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  1. An overview of all companies currently in Chinatown The Hague can be found under the button ‘Businesses’. You can search by type (shops, health & beauty, etc.) and by tags (restaurant, dim sum, Chinese, etc.).


  1. Read the stories we share with our visitors! Go to ‘News’, you’ll find a complete overview of all the articles we’ve posted.


  1. Want to know how to get to Chinatown? Go to the ‘Directions’ tab to find the many nearby parking lots. Or, if you’re arriving by train, which station(s) you can get off!


  1. Want to know the history of Chinatown The Hague? Read what’s written in ‘History’!


  1. Curious to the people behind Chinatown? Go to ‘BIZ Chinatown’!


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