Update: coronavirus on May 20th

4Chinatown_Den_Haag_straatbeeldHere you can read the most recent update about the Dutch government’s coronavirus measures. Since Chinatown The Hague houses many restaurants, you will find the most useful information below the heading ‘restaurants’. To be as complete as we can be, we did add information regarding other sectors.


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The government is slowly easing the measures of intelligent lockdown. As naturally, this goes for Chinatown The Hague as well. Starting June 1st, restaurants, museums, and cinemas are allowed to open up shop again. June 15th there will be another update regarding the (hopefully more eased down) measures.


The most important measures starting June 1st are:




  • People are allowed to meet outdoors as long as they keep the appropriate distance of 1.5 meters between themselves.
  • All public buildings can have up to 30 people inside as long as these people can keep 1.5 meters distance. 30 people excludes personnel and staff.



  • Restaurants are permitted to open up for guests inside starting June 1st, 12.00 hours (at noon). A maximum of 30 people is allowed inside the restaurant, excluding staff.
  • Inside, everyone must keep 1.5 meters distance, except people belonging to the same household.
  • Guests must make a reservation before coming to the restaurant. There will be a verbal check by the restaurant to determine the risk of bringing in guests. This check is mandatory and guests must answer honestly.
  • There is no maximum for people on terraces. All people must be seated at a table. 1.5 meters distance must be kept except if people belong to the same household.

Cultural venues

Cinemas, theatres, and concert halls are allowed to open their doors on June 1st, 12:00 hours (at noon) if:

  • They welcome maximum of 30 guests at the time.
  • Guests make a reservation beforehand and the venue does a verbal check with the guests to estimate risk.
  • Everyone keeps 1.5 meters distance.


Museums are allowed to open their doors on June 1st, 12:00 hours (at noon) if:

  • Guests purchase a ticket beforehand and adhere to social distancing rules. The maximum amount of people depends on the size of the museum.


Music schools and art centers are allowed to open their doors on June 1st, 12:00 hours (at noon) if:

  • They do not allow more than 30 people inside at the same time, adhering to social distancing rules.


Festivals are allowed to be held on June 1st, 12:00 hours (at noon) if:

  • They perform for a maximum of 30 people who among themselves keep 1.5 meters distance.

Public transport

  • Starting June 1st, wearing a mask is mandatory in public transport (train, tram, bus, metro) for people over 13 years of age. You may only take public transport if this is an essential journey.
  • Wearing masks is not mandatory on stations and platforms, however, people must keep 1.5 meters distance.


Keep going! Let’s make the best out of the current situation and hopefully see a beautiful and safe summer. We can only beat corona together. For more information regarding COVID-19 measures, please visit the RIVM website.