A normal May

How much, how much, we would all want a normal May. May is usually the month during which life gradually opens up again. Flowers blooming, lush green trees in the parks, neighborhoods, and along the highways. Temperatures rising again allowing us all to go out and enjoy the sunshine, having a drink and some food with our friends, families, and loved ones.


Being indoors

Unfortunately, twenty-twenty is a year like no other. Last year, around this time, nobody could have imagined that we are spending this beautiful month indoors to make sure our hospitals can deal with the number of corona patients.


The good news is that the number of patients in hospitals is dropping steadily. Yet danger hasn’t left us yet. If the world were reopened now, the virus may gain traction and spread quickly again. Imagine the consequences we’d have to face then. Living at one point five meters distance from others really is going to be our new normal. Doesn’t it already feel strange to watch television programs in which the audience is super close to each other? “Too close!” is the first thought.


Remembrance Day and Liberation Day

May Fourth and fifth are special days in the Netherlands. Usually, many, many people gather all across the country, and in Amsterdam, on the Dam Square, there’s the national commemoration with two minutes of silence at 20:00 hrs. Now, we can only watch a very small gathering of the King, Queen, prime minister, and some others, putting down wreaths to commemorate the fallen in WWII. Well, at least we have technology and television, and we can still watch the event. Though not ideal…



We also must take a step back and think about the people who are stuck at home without any work at the moment. For these people, this crisis is not simply an inconvenience, but a real disaster. Some people rather take the risk of falling ill, as they have no way to make any money at the moment. Yeah, the government is supporting businesses, but these measures won’t be able to help everyone.


Hairdressers, nail stylists, hopefully soon there will be plans by which they can open their doors again. Cutting someone’s hair at one point five meters distance isn’t so easy, and the way we’re all running around now also isn’t the greatest. Hopefully, restaurants and cafés can also open soon, since we are also fed up with cooking at home every day or take-away. It’s just not the same as going out and enjoying the ambiance and cozy atmosphere of a restaurant!


We’re doing well!

Whatever happens, will happen. Que sera, sera. Everything’s got an end. The good things, but also bad things. So, from Chinatown, we want to say: keep going! We can do it. If you don’t know what to do, because you are bored of being stuck inside, go and find a drawer or shelf that needs cleaning. Declutter and thoroughly cleaning will also clear up your mind. Or, offer your (elderly) neighbors to do their groceries. They will be happy with your help and you are doing your little bit to make the world a better place.


Chinatown once again wishes you all the best of all and we hope our messages keep finding everyone healthily. Rainbows follow stormy skies!


The board of the Chinatown The Hague Foundation