Chinatown is gezellig, cheerful and safe!

Summer vacation has started, and that means it’s time to switch back gears, take a deep breath, and relax a bit, given the past few months have been quite intense, so to say. In Chinatown, we’ve got something new. We made Z-Cards, which you can find in every store. What’s a Z-Card? It holds practical information about Chinatown. For example, a huge list of all stores and restaurants in Chinatown, sorted by address, so you can find every place you need super quickly and without any hassle! The Z-Cards are part of Chinatown’s campaign of ‘Chinatown is buzzing again: gezellig, colorful and safe!’ Check out the posters on the store windows!




Safety first
Chinatown will always adhere to RIVM guidelines. During the past week, the number of infections in the Netherlands has risen again and is unlikely to go down quickly again, as measures have been relaxed and people need out.

If like us your favorite Dutch word is gezelligheid, you can enjoy The Hague’s gezelligheid in a safe manner. We will make sure to make your visit to Chinatown safe! On busy Saturdays, there will be people around who hand out hand sanitizer and remind people to keep the appropriate distance. Let’s help each other out. Come down to Chinatown, enjoy your time, but if the place gets too busy, we kindly ask you to return later.


How do I make sure I have a spot?

If you want to grab a bite somewhere, it’s a good idea to make a reservation before you go, this way you are sure that you will have a (safe) table to sit and eat!



And… Have you seen what kind of tasty stuff there’s in Chinatown? Chinese pizza (yummy!), har kau (prawn dumplings), Beijing duck, and so on!



So… Rest your heart and come to Chinatown! Chinatown is buzzing again, gezellig, cheerful and safe!


Will you be going on vacation shortly? Then, we wish you: a very amazing, enjoyable and relaxing holiday, stay safe and healthy!