Our picks for Chinatown’s best snacks: All stores are open again!

With some side-notes (no goodbye to 1.5 meters just yet), the majority of the country has been reopened. And yes, that means you can dine in again at your favorite restaurant! However, with the recent burst of warm weather, we wouldn’t mind sitting outside either. A fan, anyone? 

Even more awesome: cultural locations are open again too. So, if you need an idea for a free day (plenty to come, with the summer vacation almost kicking off!) don’t miss out on a day of visiting The Hague’s many museums, and then having a nice lunch or dinner in Chinatown.


Now that more and more people have received their COVID-19 vaccination, the virus will spread more slowly. If we keep holding on to the basic rules for just a little bit longer (wash your hands, 1.5 meters distance, sneeze in your elbow, work at home if you can), then we can have the nice, cozy, happy, outside summer we dreamed off all those cold days! Together, we can slow the spread!


In Chinatown, there are people managing the flow of pedestrian traffic. They are there for your safety, making sure people can maintain 1.5 meters distance. So… if you’re still looking for things to do, we invite you to come to Chinatown The Hague. Below, a few reasons why Chinatown is so cool!


Asian snacks

Something for everyone! Something refreshing? Bubble tea! Just check out the storefronts, and you’ll see bubble tea everywhere. Take your pick!


Something sweet or salty, like cupcakes or pastries? Chinatown houses several Asian bakeries: St. Anny Tea House for Chinese sweet and salty baked goods, Bakery Li&U for delicious Asian cakes and Café Nordrick, if you would like to dive into some Filipino goodness (very much recommended)!


Very hungry? Or, do you love American food? L.A. American Food has amazing, gigantic pieces of pizza. One bit and you’re right in Los Angele. Or do you love chicken wings with all kinds of flavors? Then Wings & Flats the place to be!


Share your experience!

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