Creativity in corona times

For weeks on end, many stores and pretty much all restaurants have been closed. Keeping the 1.5 meters of distance into mind, it’s difficult to meet up and have a drink together, and going out for food is completely impossible. Birthdays can’t be celebrated because we are constantly asking ourselves: “Who has been where, and met whom?” Like the Dutch prime minster Rutte said: the measures are showing their effectiveness, but it’s not as fast as we’d like it to be.


Staying focused while working at home is difficult for many of us. Especially those who have young children. Where possible, we’re all working from home. However, after having been practically locked up for over a month, everyone is hungry for some adventure. We want to go outside, meet our friends and families, and enjoy a nice meal at a restaurant!


Many restaurants have found creative ways to keep their doors open whilst being limited by the take-away-only rules implemented by the government. This way, they can make at least a little bit of money to survive.


What can a restaurant do to stay open?

Take-away! Many restaurants that didn’t use to have takeaway have now quickly turned around their routines to offer people their food to take home. Many have increased the number of delivery drivers. You can even walk up to a restaurant and order, as long as you keep your distance to others.


Other restaurants are thinking about dividing the tables in such a way that all customers keep 1.5 meters distance at all times. This is not yet a possibility, but beach bars have submitted their plans to the government, and they hope to reopen after May 20th. There was one idea, in which there is a central table to which all food is delivered, and customers then walk up to the table to get their own food. Food is ordered and paid for via an app (Source:


These are only ideas for now, but let’s keep our creativity running. Let’s support each other and get through these times. Suggest ideas about how we can keep having fun at 1.5 meters distance!


Ideas for restaurants

Corona times are a perfect opportunity to promote your business’ social media channels. Use Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp to receive orders from customers. Payment is simple, just send them a Tikkie or payment request! Make a service counter at your door so nobody accidentally comes in or comes too close.


Put all offers you have on Facebook and Instagram, so that people are aware that you are still open.


Are you open for business?

Send us a message via Instagram (@chinatown_denhaag) and we’ll share your post in our story. You can also send us a direct message using Facebook’s Messenger, then we’ll post a link to your business’ Facebook page. And of course, feel free to send us the link to your website!


Keep going, because there will be a time that all restaurants can be open again. Be healthy, be safe, and keep your distance!