Fischer family eats sushi at Momiji

June 1st has passed and that means Chinatown The Hague’s restaurants have reopened! So has Momiji Sushi, where guests could reserve a table inside or enjoy their time outside on the restaurant’s terraces, enjoying delicious sushi.


Momiji placed a beautiful arch decorated with balloons at their entrance, welcoming all guests. People were encouraged to take pictures and post these on Instagram using the hashtag #sushilovesyou.


Mr. and Mrs. Fischer are frequent visitors of Chinatown and the area’s entrepreneurs know them well. They flashed to Momiji Sushi to indulge themselves in some tasty, fresh sushi. Of course, they posed in front of the arch, as seen in the photo. Sing Wong, the owner of Momiji Sushi, took the picture. How gezellig, right!?


Of course it isn’t just Momiji Sushi that opened its doors. All restaurants, terraces, and other eateries have reopened! Yay!


It goes without saying that all restaurnants are taking the necessary safety and hygiene precautions. Guests have to maintain 1.5 meters distance between themselves and any restaurant may have up to thirty people inside (if the size of the restaurant allows for this). Lastly, if you want to get a table, you have to make a reservation beforehand and there’ll be a check by the staff to see if you have any symptoms. Do you feel under the weather? Then stay indoors for a while until you get better!



This way we can make sure that Chinatown keeps buzzing and stays safe. Because that is the message Chinatown wants to convey now:

Chinatown is buzzing again: gezellig, colorful en safe!