How are we doing?

How is Chinatown doing now? Hairdressers have opened since March 3rd and with that, nail salons may also allow customers inside again. Luckily, because they’ve all been closed for way too long. After their reopening, a lot of messages flooded in. All people eager to make an appointment. After having not been able to go to the hairdresser’s for so long, many people’s hair has grown way too long!


Click and collect

People are busy click-and-collecting, people coming in and going out of town for a short visit to a store. In Chinatown there are several bakeries that were allowed to stay open during the lockdown, as they are selling food products.

Now that spring is quickly arriving, we’re all hoping to visit a restaurant soon. When the weather turns nicer, we may be able to enjoy our food and drinks outside.


Just a little more

For now, we’re all inside after 9 o’clock at night. Just a little more, as vaccinations are being distributed faster and faster. With a dash of luck, we’ll have had our first vaccination in July and we can see some serious relaxations of the anti-coronavirus measures. And, tests are being done with groups of people (Fieldlabs), to see if there are ways in which people can come together without spreading the virus.


Chinese New Year

Nobody will have missed it, or actually, they may… Chinese New Year hasn’t been celebrated in the traditional manner, this year, with dragon dances and fireworks. There was however a grandiose online film festival where everyone could experience the true nature of Chinese New Year for at least a little bit. Perhaps you’ve had some tasty Chinese snacks to celebrate the Year of the Ox!


Other Chinese holidays and festivals

Of course, Chinese New Year isn’t the only festival this year. There are many more days to look forward to. In the beginning of April there will be Qingming Festival, named 清明節 in Chinese. A bit later, around mid-June, it’s time for the Dragon Boat Festival, also called 端午節. Towards the fall, on September 21, it’s time for the Moon Festival, also named 中秋節 – the day that the moon is at its largest. We’ll all be eating mooncakes then! Keep an eye on our website for more information about the history and the traditions of these various festivals! Perhaps we can celebrate the Moon Festival in style, then. Who knows!?