Jolly activities in Chinatown

Starting Saturday, July 4th, The Hague is home to several acts. These are hostesses who in a friendly way help to remind people to keep their distance and to regularly sanitize their hands. Chinatown, being downtown The Hague, naturally has her own hostesses, dressed in traditional Shanghai dresses.


These acts are organized by Marketing Haagse Binnenstad, who are known for Shopping Night (unfortunately canceled this year, but hopefully will be back in 2021!). BIZ Chinatown is joining forces with other retailers associations located in downtown The Hague.


Chinatown’s entrepreneurs show their enthusiasm for the acts. The ladies give off a cheerful vibe (disregarding last week’s rain). Kindly they make people aware of the ongoing circumstances by giving out hand sanitizer. This way, we can all enjoy Chinatown happily and safely!


Chinatown is adjusting to its new ‘normal’. Maybe with some outside help, but life in Chinatown goes on. In between the two Chinese gateways, life is hustling and bustling again. Everyone’s welcome for a snack, beverage, groceries, or some quality time!


The hostesses will be in The Hague all the way until September. So… Do you want to experience China’s vibe, right here in The Hague? Come to Chinatown, a hustling and bustling area!