The longest day of the year

Tomorrow, June 22nd, is the longest day of the year. Lovely, if you love the summer as much as we do. Sunset is only after 10 at night… Endlessly relaxing on terraces. What a great life!


Amazingly, we can also enjoy summer life again in Chinatown in The Hague. Look at Rabbijn Maarsenplein, large terraces where you can enjoy tasty food and refreshing drinks are abundant! Though, if you prefer a cozy, small street, over a huge square, we’ve got you covered. Check out the lunch, snack, and dining places in other streets as well. Slowly by slowly, we’re getting back to normal life, keeping 1.5 meters distance while we are at it.


A normal June

A normal June. In May, we wrote an article about ‘a normal May’, and how 2020’s May has been so significantly different from all the Mays we have known so far. We are now happily and cheerfully writing about a relatively normal June. Amazing! Soon, summer break starts, giving all kids a rest from all the experiences they have lived through in the past three months. Make sure that you give yourself a rest as well. Nobody asks you to just go on as if nothing happened. Most people have never experienced such a situation and thus it is very understandable if you sometimes feel a bit more annoyed than usual.


Be nice

Be nice for those around you. Everyone’s trying to do their jobs as good as they can. Even though we must sometimes follow rules that feel ‘stupid’, it is important we live by these rules as this is our road to more movement and more freedom. So, keep 1.5 meters distance when you can, wear a mask when on public transport, stay home if you feel sick and take care of those around you. Especially those who are high-risk.


Chinatown reopened since June 1st

Chinatown is open for you! Everyone can come by for some well-deserved relaxation. Choose the senses you want to enjoy. Your taste buds, eyes, nose, we’ve got you covered. A massage? No problem!


So, drop by Chinatown and enjoy (yummy) your time safely! We’ll see you soon in the streets of Chinatown. Taste Asia in The Hague!