Terraces until 18:00, but no more curfew after 22:00

Life with corona isn’t over just yet. That’s clear, with messages about full intensive care wards, care workers who are tired of everything, and messages about different strands of COVID-19. Besides, King’s Day is just a few weeks ago. That didn’t just mean a lot of orange tompouces, but also full parks.


The curfew is no longer, as of April 28th. That means that yes, you can go outside after 22:00. Not that you can do a lot, restaurants close at 18:00. But being able to go out is nice, especially as the days grow longer.


Luckily, vaccinations are getting faster! In the United States, they’re quicker than we are. Everyone there can just give a call and sign up. Hopefully, we’ll be able to do the same soon. For now, 1.5 meters and a mask will be the norm.

Open terraces

But then for something a lot more fun: the terraces have reopened! Limited, that is. Starting at noon, you can enjoy a bite and a drink until 18:00. Here, quickly, the rules. Good to know before you head over!

No more than two people per table, unless you’re part of the same household. Thus, if you live in a house with four people, all four of you can sit at one table. Having a nice lunch with some colleagues thus isn’t possible. But, perhaps, you’d enjoy a one-on-one conversation too? Many people haven’t seen their colleagues for a long time, and this way you can still support the restaurants! They’ve had a tough time, just like other businesses.

Besides, you no longer have to make an appointment for shopping. Well, it’s no longer mandatory. Large stores, such as Bijenkorf, have indicated that they will keep the registration system in place, as their customers feel safer that way. For a full overview of all rules, please check the Dutch government’s corona page.

In The Hague Chinatown

In Chinatown, terraces have opened as well! Specifically, on the Rabbijn Maarsenplein, you can find a number of large terraces where you can enjoy a lovely lunch every afternoon! Check out Little V and Momiji Sushi. But also, Pazze e Pizze is opened. So… many foods for many palettes!

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