Happy Chinese New Year!

Last Saturday was THE day! Chinese New Year’s celebrations all over Chinatown. Around one in the afternoon, the party kicked off. It was extensive: a dragon and lion dance, a Chinese New Year’s Market as well as an exposition of Chinese Zodiac Sculptures.


There was quite the hustle-bustle, as seen on photos! “All cheerful and cozy,” says Paul, who attended it all. Because Saturday is a free day, many people took their kids to watch. Whether you are young, or old, it doesn’t matter. There was something for everyone! Including fireworks, traditionally fired to scare away evil spirits. It makes for a good start of a prosperous year!


Chang, another visitor, also said: “The fireworks are awesomely loud, which they should be, it adds to the atmosphere.”


All in all, a lot to see in The Hague’s Chinatown this Saturday. Anyone we asked told us these celebrations are a tradition that should be kept. Both for culture, and for fun! It’s about people celebrating a four-thousand-year-old culture, but also about others discovering and enjoying new traditions.


鼠年大吉!恭喜發財!Happy Chinese New Year! Happy Year of the Rat!