Our fall 2021 recommendations


October. If you’re in The Hague a lot, and you happen to stroll through Lange Voorhout, the many red leaves will be a very familiar sight to you! With all those beautiful linden trees it’s hard to deny: fall has arrived!


And even though we mostly associate fall with colder days and (a lot of) rain, we’re sure that the world’s got a few more beautiful days for you! Those days with a bit of sunshine are perfect to have a stroll around Chinatown. As always, there are enough things to enjoy!


If you do end up feeling cold, we’ve got some tips for you! There are … many ways to warm up, of course! Check ’em out here: our recommendations for the fall of 2021!


  1. A spicy meal at Hot King


Hot King is located at Gedempte Burgwal 24. They are opened almost every day (except Wednesdays, temporarily). Hot King specializes in Sichuanese food. Sichuan is a province in Southern China, very famous for its spicy dishes!


Sichuanese pepper – the pepper used in authentic Sichuanese dishes – has a very special characteristic. It has a strong limey flavor. It ensures that you have a very unique experience when eating real Sichuanese food!


Hot King really has something for everyone’s taste buds. They’ve got dishes with shrimp, but also vegetarian dishes, rice, noodles, and some snacks. Additionally, they have a list of (cold) appetizers, to your liking!


And then the most convenient thing: you can easily reserve your table via their website!


For more information, head to Hot King’s website: hotking.nl


  1. Treat yourself to a warm (bubble) tea!


Perhaps we’ve been unfair with this title… But we’re sure you won’t be disappointed! There are many spots in Chinatown that offer delicious drinks. Everyone knows bubble tea by now, so we want to point out that at Bumbu Jawa and Mui Tea (near Ming Kee), they also have delicious drinks that’ll warm your heart and soul?


These drinks – of Indonesian origin – are sold in convenient bubble tea cups. Super easy to walk around with! The flavors? Unique! There aren’t that many restaurants in The Hague that sell Indonesian drinks to-go, after all, so don’t miss out.


Head over to Bumbu Jawa (Wagenstraat 63) or Mui Tea (Gedempte Gracht 405), and ask for the recommended drinks! Maybe you’ll never want anything else!


Website and Instagram of Bumbu Jawa: www.bumbujawa.nl & @bumbujawa.nl

Instagram of Mui Tea: @muitea_denhaag


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