Update: coronavirus on March 31st

Dear entrepreneurs of Chinatown,


We are living in extreme times, both inside and outside Chinatown. It’s important we inform each other, help each other, and work together where possible. That’s why we have an update for you.


March 31st, the Dutch government gave a press conference about the corona crisis. The government measures that had been imposed up to now have been extended to at least Tuesday, April 28th. This goes for restaurants, but also for other non-essential businesses. All schools will be closed until the May holidays, events that require a permit are forbidden until June 1st, 2020. These measures will possibly be extended, more information on this will follow on Tuesday, April 21st. 




  1. Stay at home
  2. Always keep 1.5 meters between you and another person
  3. Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly (20 seconds) with warm water and soap


Frequently Asked Questions

The municipality of The Hague has set-up a website. Here you can find an FAQ for entrepreneurs. What are the effects of these government-implied measures for you? How will life continue?


Government support

As an entrepreneur, you may be eligible for government support to survive these times of no to low incomes. For this, you can contact the Chamber of Commerce’s Corona Help Desk.


Vereniging Chinees-Aziatische Horeca Ondernemers

If you are an entrepreneur active in the catering industry, you can go to the website of the Koninklijke Horeca Nederland (KHN / Royal Catering of the Netherlands) or to the website of the Vereniging Chinees-Aziatische Horeca Ondernemers (VCHO / Foundation of Chinese-Asian Entrepreneurs of Catering). VCHO’s website is being updated frequently.


You can contact the VCHO by sending an email to info@vcho.nl, call them at 020 – 3458 202 or scan the QR code shown below to access their WeChat page.



Finally, it is always important to keep a close eye on RIVM’s website.


Be understanding and help each other

On March 31st, Prime Minister Rutte said that The Netherlands is currently facing one of the worst crises ever in otherwise peaceful times. We, therefore, want to wish everyone much strength in these tough times. We are entrepreneurs ourselves and we understand that also fo your, these times are extremely challenging. We ask you: be understanding towards others, and help each other where possible. Together, we can manage this crisis and hope for a new start when this is all over.


Much good luck, strength, and stay healthy!

Kind regards, from one-and-a-half-meter,


BIZ Chinatown The Hague Foundation